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This site is dedicated to business owners who really want to make a difference.  You’ll find information and resources here to help you market and grow your business with confidence and that added bit of sparkle!

Yes, I’ve got the builders in… My WHOLE site is currently under construction – so I appreciate your patience. New look site coming very soon! In the meantime, if you can’t find what you’re looking for you can contact me here





You’re an entrepreneur with something special to share, but you’re stuck in a cycle of signing up for course after course, without ever seeing the fruits of your own fearless launch. Want to feel more courageous and ditch the “launch monsters”?  Let’s make it YOUR time to shine.

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You’re an EFT or Holistic Practitioner, totally lost in the marketing minefield. You dream of working with regular clients on a consistent basis, but this just isn’t happening. You don’t know if doing the work you love will ever be more than just a dream.  Let’s build a strategy based on how YOU want your practice to grow and succeed.

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video production

You want a highly engaging, professional looking promotional video
to introduce your customers and clients to what you do.  You want something which highlights your service or products, tells your business story and all the great reasons why YOU are the right one for the job.  It’s got to look good and catch the attention of your ideal client quickly and effectively.  I’ve got you covered.

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